Genetics has become a phenomenon of the modern medicine. It is a biological science focusing on heredity, variability of organisms, its causes and especially on the influence of hereditary factors on the development of various defects and diseases. Each person has a unique genotype, i.e. the set of genes determining his/her appearance, characteristics, but also the predisposition to certain diseases. Therefore, clinical genetics is currently used both in the prevention and the diagnostics. The aim of prevention is to identify genetic risks of various foetal malformations and diseases; diagnostics tries to reveals developmental defects, genetic diseases and their risk. It also examines the carriage of certain diseases – although the individual himself/herself does not suffer from the disease, there is certain probability that his/her descendants will have this disease. Genetic testing is the most advanced method for detecting the presence of these genes that could pose a potential danger to the health of the person in the future.


What we offer

Institute of Reproductive Medicine – Preimplantation genetic diagnosis – PGD

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is a highly specialized technique designed to identify chromosomal aberrations (deviations, changes) or monogenic hereditary diseases before the embryo transfer into the uterus.

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Genetic Office – Genetic Laboratory

The complete genetic counselling/testing for couples with genetic diseases present in their family.

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