In vitro fertilization is a conventional infertility treatment, also known as the “test tube baby” technique, where sperm are added to mature eggs in a laboratory for the purposes of fertilization. It is the most common form of assisted reproduction and mimics natural fertilization as closely as possible – it takes place outside the body, but the sperm still have to penetrate the egg on their own without assistance.

This method involves collecting eggs, so the first step is hormonal stimulation of the ovaries. The doctor monitors the hormonal stimulation in ultrasounds performed over several days. Mature eggs are collected vaginally in a brief procedure monitored by ultrasound and performed under general anesthesia. Sperm collection is performed on the same day as egg collection and the strongest, most active sperm are selected in the laboratory for insemination. This procedure can also be performed using frozen or donated sperm, if desired.

Fertilization takes place in a culture media and in culture dishes under strictly defined and controlled conditions. Egg and sperm are incubated together for 16 – 20 hours, sometimes longer. At this point we can test for successful fertilization; the success rate is usually 50 – 70% depending on the quality of the sperm and egg. Then, usually three days after collection, the embryos are transferred to the uterus. Unused embryos can be frozen and used later if needed. About 14 days after the embryo transfer a pregnancy test can be performed, ideally a blood test.

Suitable candidates for IVF

This method is recommended for couples who have already made unsuccessful attempts to conceive. It is used for women with impassable fallopian tubes, post-inflammatory pelvic adhesions, low ovarian reserve, endometriosis, and for older women. It is also suitable for men with profound infertility, low sperm count, immunological infertility and for couples where the cause of infertility has not been found.

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