Oocyte donation is a type of assisted reproduction involving oocytes (eggs) from a donor. This method is especially suitable for women whose own ovaries are not functional for whatever reason, whose eggs are not capable of fertilization, or whose eggs have an increased risk of genetic birth defects. As an infertility treatment, egg donation is highly successful.

In the European Union, the donation of reproductive cells is EU Directives 2004/23/EC and 2006/17/EC, which are binding for all Member States. These Directives have been implemented in the Czech Republic under Act No. 296/2008 Coll. on Safeguarding the Quality and Safety of Human Cells, and Decree No. 422/2008 Coll., which are even stricter than their European counterparts.

The current laws of the Czech Republic state that the donation of embryonic cells is voluntary and anonymous for donor, recipient and any children conceived using this method. The clinic is required to keep the medical records of female and male donors for 30 years and is subject to periodic inspections by government authorities (State Institute for Drug Control, Ministry of Health).

Egg donation - stories of our donors

Some of our donors talk about their experience with our egg donation program.

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