Martina, 45 years

Me and my husband had tried to have a baby for a long time. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful.

We've slowly started to despair. Continuous examinations, tests, more and more stimulation, several unsuccessful embryotransfers... We have undergone really everything, even tried more centres dealing with infertility. Whenever I did a pregnancy test and saw only one line, which meant nothing more than another negative result, we were one more step away from our dream of becoming parents. The doctors attributed the repeated failures to my age and also my husband's sperm was not ideal. We even consented to treatment with donated eggs, but unfortunately, this therapy was unsuccessful, too.

My very close friend recommended me the clinic in Karlovy Vary, she was lucky to get pregnant on the first time. I must admit that I was rather jealous of her good luck.

Though with mixed feelings and a large dose of skepticism, we arranged an appointment for the initial consultation. The day of the first visit approached and my nervousness increased. I was afraid of what awaits us and what will be their judgement.

We were welcomed by the head doctor, MUDr. Petr Uher himself who promised to take care of fulfilling my dream to have a family. I did not really believe his words after all we had already been through. Actually, I considered them rather unimportant, it was very difficult to start believing again.

However, dr. Uher surprised me with his personal and friendly approach. That day was very challenging for us.

I felt very comfortable at the clinic. I underwent all the necessary examinations. My case was managed by dr. Uher in cooperation with a geneticist, dr. Lošan. We opted for the treatment with donated eggs once again and decided that this would really be the last therapy that we undertake, whatever the result.

Medical assistant explained the treatment plan and the use of drugs with possible side effects to me. I had a chance to ask anything, even though I felt sometimes that my questions were not really relevant. They responded with a smile and I never had the feeling that I was leaving without satisfactory answers.

Afterwards was everything very quick. They selected a donor for us within a month and I started with the drugs. Although my husband's sperm count is not completely normal, they managed to fertilize 10 eggs. I got excited here, but was still very worried about the outcome. What if you do the tests again and they will be negative? The questions about the results were in my mind when I was going to sleep every day. That period was very difficult. You suddenly realize how important it is to have a loving partner who stands by you when you are about to have an injection. A partner who can manage your mood swings and gives you bitter tea when you're not well.

We had a transfer of two embryos. I walked home very happy, but I did not know how would be able to go through those 14 days of waiting for the results. I refused the pregnancy test at home and went straight for the blood tests. I will never forget that day when I took the call from the institute, with a great deal of fear. I do not remember the full conversation, only sentence got caught in my head: "Your HCG is positive, you're pregnant." I cried with happiness.

We had a pregnancy ultrasound scheduled in 14 days. This period was nothing more than waiting whether everything would be fine and whether there are complications. The feelings of initial euphoria were struck down by my fear. I do not even know how I endured the waiting. The ultrasound revealing a clear heartbeat and I could relax. They referred me back to my gynaecologist and I was really sorry about that.

I want to thank the whole team of Karlsbad Fertility for their professionalism, kindness and optimism, who helped me believe again and fulfil my dream of my own family.

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