“At Karlsbad Fertility, our numbers speak for us. Our success rate is almost 70% on the first cycle,” says Dr. Petr Uher.

According to head physician and co-owner of Karlsbad Fertility, Dr. Petr Uher, successful infertility treatment involves a combination of experienced physicians and top-notch equipment. “I depend on cutting-edge people and technology. You have to, if you want to achieve the best results in reproductive medicine these days and maintain them long-term.”

How long have you been working in reproductive medicine and what made you choose this specialization?

I have been working in reproductive medicine since 1983, when I started as a young physician on a team led by Prof. Pilka, who is considered the founder of reproductive medicine in the Czech Republic. The OB/GYN ward in Brno was one of the first teams in Eastern Europe to bring a baby into the world through assisted reproduction, at the same time as they did in Austria and Italy, for instance. The opportunity to help couples unable to conceive naturally fascinated me and I haven’t looked back since.

What made you decide to open your own reproductive medicine center?

Before I opened my own institute, I worked as a head physician in other clinics in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. As time passed and I gained experience, I put together ideas for the perfect institute: I wanted a center that would combine top-notch medicine with cutting-edge technology and a truly individual approach to patients. The greatest challenge was putting together a team that could holds its own against the best competition from around the world – highly skilled and specialized physicians with years of experience in various areas of reproductive medicine. Not just routine practitioners, but experts with the empathy to see each patient as an individual and provide the best possible treatment. I am proud to say that our teams in Karlovy Vary and later in Prague meet this description exactly.

How many couples receive treatment at your clinic each year?

About a thousand couples per year, although not all of them need artificial insemination right away. Depending on the patient’s state of health we first try various endocrinological examinations or other alternative therapies. We also have a very successful genetics department with their own independent laboratory and a prenatal team. This means we can provide care and support to patients even in the first months of pregnancy. Our work does not end with a positive pregnancy test.

Is there a typical profile for patients at your Karlovy Vary clinic?

We have no typical patients because we approach each client and her problems individually. I have to say, however, that we are getting more and more patients who have undergone unsuccessful treatment at other clinics, usually older clients between 35 and 40. I feel like we have become specialists in this area without really trying to, and I am very glad that we can be of assistance to these women and couples in their difficult journey toward parenthood.

The Czech Republic and Central Europe as a whole have any number of reproductive medicine centers. Why should patients choose Karlsbad Fertility?

As you say, there are a lot of clinics and a lot of offers out there, and I think that it is not always easy for patients to choose the best one. This kind of decision is usually quite subjective and the deciding factor is probably the “fit” between doctor and patient. A clinic should offer some guarantee that it practices reproductive medicine at the highest possible level. This is why we are always investing in the latest technology so we can keep offering top-notch comprehensive care in one spot. We were among the first in the Czech Republic to offer NGS embryo chromosome testing and let couples monitor the fertilization process using an EmbryoScope, for instance.

What is the most important factor for successful treatment in your opinion?

From my perspective, successful infertility treatment consists of a combination of top-notch doctors and the best technology available. That’s the only way to achieve the best results long-term. At Karlsbad Fertility our numbers speak for us: we have a success rate of nearly 70% in the first cycle. A good center needs to be led by someone who really knows reproductive medicine and follows the latest trends, but also someone who doesn’t consider it just a business. I’m sorry to say that more and more clinics in the Czech Republic are controlled by investors, which I do not see as a positive thing. A manager running a reproduction center as an investment measures success based on paying patients, while as a doctor I am more interested in having the highest possible percentage of successful treatments.

Are there any differences between individual clinics on a medical level?

The technology and procedures differ from clinic to clinic, as well as what possibilities they offer. Most clinics do 3-day embryo cultures, while we extend it to 5 days and transfer as blastocysts. Extended embryo cultivation using an EmbryoScope gives much better results. We also focus on medical genetics, specifically prevention and diagnostics. In practice this means that we use preventive measures in an attempt to determine the genetic risk of various congenital defects and diseases, while diagnostics help us to discover genetic defects and risks. We find out whether the parents are carriers for diseases their child could inherit.

You place great importance on your team and complementing specializations of team members. Why is this so important?

Only a team with a wide range of expertise can offer patients optimal, comprehensive treatment. This is why our clinic does not feature only reproductive medicine experts like MUDr. Štuksová and MUDr. Malimánek, but also excellent professionals with expertise in genetics and embryology. I recently brought on board a specialist in alternative medicine, for instance, who offers women relaxation techniques to use during pregnancy. The most important thing is that team members take an interest in the field as a whole, keep up with new developments in other countries and take inspiration from them. In addition to our sister clinic in Prague, IVF Cube, we also work with many clinics and universities. We are working with the Sexology Institute at Charles University in Prague, for instance, to develop new techniques for sperm diagnostics. We share experience with IVF centers in Austria and Italy, where we are helping start an IVF center in Bolzano.

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